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Verslag ondersteunde gezinnen 2017

Dear Friends!

In this year, I visited regularly the two families on my project. Peter Istvan's family from Kibed with their 4 boys and Fam.Molnos Julianna from Vaja, Jud.Mures with two kids. For this family, it is the first year with your support, there are two children at home, one girl and one boy. Each family is very thankful of all your support and kindness.

Fam.PETER ISTVAN - we try to help this family in several ways, but still there are some core problems which you are not able to change in one life if they are not willing and motivated to do. Istvan the father had many good possibilities this year to find work he still refuses to go. When one thing is getting better they are happy and don't think to the future. Even if they promised that they will baptize their children, they do not. Arnika must be checked each year by his doctor because his health problems, they are not getting him to the hospital. It seems to me that he is weaker than it was. I was thinking several times to bring him home with me, but now my father is sick and I have no possibility to take him to a doctor. He got some social support but I decided that I will not help more to get this, but now they will lose it anyway because it seems that he feel better. He will need support from the school having huge gaps on his knowledge. In the kinder garden he changed a lot in better.


Ibolya and Krisztian
He is a little bit aggressive with other kids, kicking them and after all he is injured which is very harmful for him. He will begin the school at September in this year. Ibolya, the mother is away all day, sometimes she got some work. She also has some medical problems but she does not care about it. Istvanka, the oldest boy is feeling well; he has a good teacher at school who gives him possibilities to grow. He wanted to go to Bonus Pastor Camp with his schoolmates for a week, but the family has no money to pay it and it was to late when they were telling me. He likes football.

Gizella, Csabika, Kriszxtian, Istvan


Csabika with one of his friends from around has a chance to go to Holland with his schoolmates. There is a connection between schools there. Krisztian is the youngest. He is very active, hard to keep at home. The only problem with him is that he is not growing. He will stay at kindergarten for next year too. Each year they try to fix something at their house to be cleaner or comfortable. Gisella, the grandmother is so quiet always without any special feelings. She stays next to them and Istvanka stays with him. She looks happier than she used before
Gizella,Krisztian,Arni,Istvan, Istvanka

Fam. MOLNOS JULIANNA - She is living with her two children in a small, poor and bad house at Vaja. It is a very closed family, Juliana loves her children but she is not willing to change more for their future. She is to much attach to them even if it is bad for them. Janoska, the oldest boy became very family centered, he is delegated by her mother to check everything, and he is working together with her mother at home and talked just a little with others. In summer holiday he will stay home and watch TV all day and because this he didn't want to go to the children's camp. Anita is silent and she tries to learn better. She was so happy when I go to visit them, and also because she got some very nice things, clothes too.

Janoska and Jucika(nick name)

Jucika, the mother is still not working and she has lot of medical problems. She tries to make their daily life go on. They have some chickens, dog and cats. She told me that maybe we can find a home for them, because they feel very cold in winter time here. I found a simple bed and also some small things for her, and we transported home for her by some friends of mine. She also was looking for another house, and she found one, but it is the same like this one. Laci and Zica from Torba were at home and visited me. They are looking for somebody who can keep clean their home until they work at Germany, they do not need to pay for it anything, but Jucika was not happy for the conditions at Torba, so I couldn't help them. I also offered the possibility to send her children to Havadto school, for the children could be the better place, and maybe Ildiko, my friend could find job for Jucika. She refused, being afraid to not loose her children, and because they have a lot of things to carry and animals too. They use to drink water from the supermarket and there is no market in the village. She is expecting others to resolve her problems. She is afraid of being to far from Tg.Mures and the doctors here, because the girl has some asthmatic and psychological problems too, anxiety and lack of safety.
The boy has also some problems with his stomach but we don't know exactly what kind of illness he has.
They several time moved from one place to other and now they also want to change their home. If she will find the right house to move, Istvan promised her to help with the Basilea van to move her goods.
We pray for the family to find a stable home, where to stay longer period, and the children to follow schooling education.

Rev.Lakatos Gabriella

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